Early-phase EdTech teams and startups: apply for EdTech Incubator Helsinki

Mia-Stiina Heikkala and Solja Sulkunen presenting the schedule of EdTech Incubator Helsinki.
Mia-Stiina Heikkala and Solja Sulkunen presenting the schedule of EdTech Incubator Helsinki.

The application period for the second batch of the highly relevant EdTech Incubator Helsinki is now open. Ten startups will be chosen for a five-month program that aims to elevate EdTech-innovations into serious businesses. Submit your team and idea before February 18th! 

Are you sitting on an idea of a EdTech solution that can impact education and reach international markets? The EdTech Incubator Helsinki program will help you develop that innovation into a solution for market needs. 

The incubator program has been really beneficial to our company and the trainers have been enthusiastic and motivated. The workshops that include group work have been very valuable since we can share and gain key insights from the other teams in the program. Another cool asset was to gain a mentor who is committed and really keen on helping us.” – Becky Luoma, CEO & Co-founder of Language Clubhouse 

The incubator program at Helsinki Education Hub has been operational since November 2021 and the results are already promising. In two batches, we guide 20 early-stage teams and startups per year, and the first incubator of 2022 is set to start in late February. With the experience and knowledge of our professional startup-coaches and the vast branch-network provided by mentors, the program is a once in a lifetime chance to take your business idea to the next level and really take that important step towards changing the world through the production of more impactful EdTech-solutions. 

In short, the incubator program spans through 20 intensive weeks, focusing on sales and marketing, financing, team and network building and enhancing pedagogical impact. The schedule includes team workshops, mentoring sprint assignments, keynote speeches and strong network support during the journey. Completing the program and making your idea thrive takes effort and commitment through the whole five-month process. 

The Incubator program has been a great opportunity to network with other actors within the industry and to build our business on a solid foundation from the beginning. The Wednesday coffee sessions have been interesting, and I hope to soon be able to enjoy them on site at the Helsinki Education Hub again.” – Inga Rikandi, Co-founder of MusicUs 

Elevate your business idea, apply now  

The incubator is collaborated by an extensive network of business and educational experts, and we will provide co-working spaces and facilities for the attendees in Helsinki. Upon completion, our EdTech dealflow services will further guide the incubator teams into the right tracks for the future – whether it be an accelerator, using our Testbed or simply finding the right investors. 

The application period for the second batch is open from January 10th to February 18th. Teams that fulfil the incubator criteria can be invited to a short interview about their ideas. The program is free of charge, and we accept a maximum of ten teams for each batch. We welcome applications from promising teams from Finland and internationally.

The requirements for international teams are:  

  • 30 000€ existing funding 
  • MVP of the solution 
  • Market pull identified and need validated 
  • A team of preferably at least 3 persons  

We hope to receive an increasing number of applications from female founders. 

Read more about the EdTech Incubator Helsinki here

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Helsinki Education Hub: Mia-Stiina Heikkala, Lead Advisor, mia-stiina.heikkala@hel.fi