About us

Helsinki Education Hub was born from the need to bring education innovators together under one EdTech roof. With our founding partners (EdTech start-ups, investors, pedagogical experts, learners, researchers, corporations and public sector) we have opened a collaboration place for creating successful and innovative EdTech start-ups and innovations in Finland and globally.

Helsinki Education Hub´s purpose is to strengthen learning and education by improving EdTech start-ups’ product development, innovations and productivity. 

Our mission is to bring EdTech ecosystem together in Finland and globally.

Our vision is to be global model for sharing best practices in advancing education around the globe.

Our main goals are:

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By systematically putting EdTech start-ups into flywheel, we ensure that the best and innovative products and services are created. As a result, every part of the flywheel are creating new momentum and energy in innovations in EdTech.

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