We provide EdTech companies with great opportunities for co-creating solutions with the best teachers and learners in the world.

  • Testbed Helsinki for innovation competitions and co-creation various stages of product development
  • Premium showcase space for testing and presenting novel EdTech solutions
  • HubLessons for short term testing and co-creation workshops at Helsinki Education Hub

Co-creation of education technology solutions

Co-creation provides companies with the opportunity to develop their products and services with the end-users. For EdTech solutions, co-creation allows for products and services be refined to better respond to the needs of the education sector and the everyday operation of educational institutions. Through co-creation, companies gain know-how about the modern school life and the operating environment of their solution and build networks and connections to schools. A successful experiment also provides a valuable user reference.

Teachers and learners play a key role in this type of co-creation. Having a front-row seat, the highly educated Finnish teachers are best equipped to see what is possible with new technologies and can influence how products in the sector are developed. For the companies, teachers offer pedagogical expertise and curriculum competency from the users point of view.

For teachers, co-creation offers expertise in educational technologies, product development and collaboration with companies. Co-creation also offers learners a unique opportunity to participate in companies’ product development processes and thus familiarise themselves with the everyday operations of companies.

With the right condititions met, companies can co-design their products with university students.

Co-creation also enables cities to procure higher quality and pedagogically more effective learning environment solutions in the future.

Thanks to our agile model, co-creation of EdTech solutions can be carried out at various phases of product development, including ideation of new solutions. Helsinki Education Hub offers the following possibilities.

Testbed Helsinki

Co-creation and testing activities are conducted in Helsinki’s kindergartens, schools and other learning environments as a part of Testbed Helsinki operations, including innovation competitions. For more information, please visit their website or contact Marjo Kenttälä,


Helsinki Education Hub operates as a Lab environment for testing and co-creation workshops together with teachers and learners. For short term testing opportunities, please be in contact with our team at We review the situation and needs of all interested companies individually.

Premium showcase space

Testing and presenting novel EdTech solutions can be carried out at the Helsinki Education Hub. We have a modern, multi-functional showcase space for this purpose. We regularly present the latest collections of novel EdTech solutions under various themes at the Helsinki Education Hub. For more information, please contact our team at