Advancement of EdTech Entrepreneurship

Our main goal is to promote growth of Education Technology (EdTech) startup entrepreneurship and new businesses. We offer target-oriented services in different stages of startup ́s lifecycle from Idea to Innovation.

By systematically putting EdTech startups into the flywheel, we ensure that the best and innovative products and services are created. As a result, every part of the flywheel are creating new momentum and energy in innovations in EdTech.

Helsinki Education Hub’s Services

Helsinki Education Hub's services from Pre-incubation to Market entry.

Helsinki Education Hub is the place for you even if you only have an idea in your mind. We offer services from pre-incubation to market entry for EdTech teams and startups with a potential idea.


Do you have an idea with market potential? In our pre-incubator service, we assist you in building your solution toward the needs of the market.

In the pre-incubation phase, we assess and validate the market potential of the idea, the status and competences of the team. The idea can be revised or focused. The goal is to map out the ideas with the highest potential, which targets the contemporary challenges within learning and education. Our pre-incubation services also prepare you for a potential application to the EdTech Incubator Helsinki with an intake of two batches annually.

In order to access our pre-incubation services, please be in touch with our team. Lead Advisor Mia-Stiina Heikkala ( evaluates the status and challenges of each team individually on a case basis.

Soft Landing

For international EdTech startups looking to relocate to Helsinki, we provide comprehensive Soft Landing services. The soft-landing services of NewCo Helsinki helps you navigate into the startup ecosystem. We support you with startup permit, setting up your company, opening a bank account, developing your business and connecting with the key ecosystem players to rocket start your business in Helsinki. Helsinki Education Hub will provide you with a doorway to integrate fully into the growing EdTech ecosystem.

EdTech Incubator Helsinki

If you have a team at least of two persons and an innovative business idea with international potential, you can apply to our EdTech Incubator Helsinki program.


As a part of our EdTech Testbed -services, we offer an opportunity to co-create your product in development together with teachers and learners.

The EdTech Testbed -services enable development and testing of innovative products and solutions together with the end users. The new workshop-style HubLesson brings teachers and learners together to co-create and innovate new and developing EdTech solutions in collaboration with startups at the facilities of Helsinki Education Hub.

Startups may also have the possibility to participate in a Easy Access Co-Development (EAC) and take part in innovation challenges. Read more:


We offer a direct path towards growth on international markets and valuable business advisory for scalable startups. In addition, we connect startups to our complete EdTech network and different accelerators in Finland and around the world.

NewCo Accelerator services offer startups international growth together with experienced business advisors. The service focuses on funding, team building and growth.

Lead Advisor Mia-Stiina Heikkala evaluates the status of each startup individually and acts as a connecting person towards our EdTech network.


We actively collaborate with leading universities in Finland and across the globe in the field of EdTech on research projects, technology pilots, thesis works, student projects, and various events and activities.

We facilitate agile ways of identifying & applying relevant and different types of research for supporting EdTech startup product development.  

  • Study cases and course collaboration 
  • Masters thesis collaboration (startups and University students) 
  • Research projects in the EdTech field 

For more information about the possibilities to collaborate with resources within research, please be in contact with our team at

Market Entry

Through our extensive global EdTech network we provide useful and concrete insights and connections to potential markets. We make connections to embassies, international organizations, and organize events with actual themes regarding market entries.

If you are in a position to start growing your business towards international markets, or otherwise need more information about market entries, please contact our Lead Advisor Mia-Stiina Heikkala.