EdTech Field in Finland

We have a vibrant Finnish EdTech community and a lot to offer for schools, higher education and other organizations – also globally. But what kind of EdTech solutions are already available in Finland? You can get to know to the solutions and companies by joining the hub community. You can start by exploring the Finnish EdTech companies and their solutions available here:

Co-creation & collaboration space

Come as you are! Let’s meet at the Helsinki Education Hub premises in the center of Helsinki. Let’s organize events and workshops and explore together what´s new in the EdTech field in Finland.

Helsinki Education Hub offers new multi-functional facilities for new start-ups and researchers in the field of EdTech, as well as for the education professionals involved in the development of the field. You can apply to the EdTech Incubator Helsinki program, attend our events or come to our premises to work and meet other members of our community in an informal atmosphere. We especially encourage new teams and EdTech startups to use the co-working spaces. The hub is open daily and EdTech teams can just come and work from the hub during the opening hours. We work with “first come first served” basis with the desks and phone booths so they cannot be reserved.

In case you´d like to organize an EdTech event, you can book a multi-functional co-creation space for 50 people. Check the availability from our team at and let’s see how we can help you with your plans. Explore our facilities virtually.

Helsinki Education Hub. Photo: Vesa Laitinen

Premium showcase space

Testing and presenting novel EdTech solutions can be carried out at the Helsinki Education Hub. We have a modern, multi-functional showcase space for this purpose. We regularly present the latest collections of novel EdTech solutions under various themes at the Helsinki Education Hub. For more information, please contact our team at