Listen to World Bank EduTech´s Podcast: Building EdTech Innovation Hubs

In an episode from September 21st, World Bank EduTech´s team members Robert Hawkins and Dean Kline spoke with our Mia-Stiina Heikkala, Project Lead for Helsinki Education Hub, about the Hub and how we bring education and learning ecosystem actors together in Finland and globally. Finland has been at the forefront for many years and this initiative aims to improve education and learning start-ups’ product development, innovations, and productivity to generate and implement innovations.

The other speaker in the podcast is Mustafa Hakan Bucuk from Turkey’s Ministry of Education. He speaks about Turkey’s EdTech Incubation and Innovation Hub-ETKİM and its importance as part of the Safe Schooling and Distance Education project being implemented by Turkey’s Ministry of National Education and the World Bank. The EdTech Innovation Hub, as a part of ETKİM, will be the main center of innovation, collaboration, clustering, research, development, and networking endeavors for the EdTech sector and all stakeholders to support content development, training, and blended digital classroom. Read more.

Listen to the podcast.