Release: Finnish EdTech Report 2022

Helsinki Education Hub proudly presents: The Finnish EdTech Report 2022. We will be publishing the report on June 14th, 4pm, at The Hub and invite you to join on-site or online.


This report aims to map the current state and prospects of the EdTech industry in Finland whilst providing essential information for companies, policymakers and investors alike.

The report is a continuum for previous annual Finnish EdTech industry surveys commissioned by the City of Helsinki. Helsinki sees the potential and momentum of the modern EdTech industry, and thus, wants to enhance the visibility and monitor the development of the KPI’s of a growing EdTech industry.

The report is comissioned by Helsinki Education Hub and conducted by EdTech Finland.

The event will include:

  • Presentation of the report
  • Panel discussion on the central topics hosted by Heikki Rusama from EdTech Finland, with participants from Kide Science and School Day
  • Q&A -session
  • Networking and free discussion (for the live-event)

See you at The Hub!