EdTech from HEL: Towards Best Practices in Co-creation

Who is this for: Teachers, start-ups, researchers

Where: Online

Language: English

What: What should a school or an EdTech start-up know before planning a co-creation project? How we can guarantee that the pilot project will be successful for all the participants? How to design with?


  • Co-design in STEAM Education in Helsinki / Lauri Vihma, pedagogical expert for STEAM, Education Division, City of Helsinki:
    • What is STEAM education in Helsinki? What learners get from co-design? What kind of structures support co-design?
  • From Idea to Innovation with Testbed Helsinki / Anna Rantapero-Laine, senior advisor in EdTech, Economic Development unit, City of Helsinki
    • Innovation competitions: Case AR learning path in the Sea Fortress Suomenlinna
    • Best practices and lessons learned in EdTech co-creation
  • EdTech company as a co-creation partner
    • Tero Kulha, COO & Partner / Seppo
    • Kari Savolainen CEO & Founder / Reactored

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