EdTech from HEL: Learning literacy with digital solutions

Who is this for: Teachers, EdTech startups and other interested people 

Where: online webinar in English 

When: May, 9th at 3-4pm

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/320660633587

Literacy is one of the most important skills to learn. How can you accelerate the learning with digital tools? What are the trends and wishes from the schools in Helsinki regarding literacy learning? What should be in the focus of EdTech companies who want to help to solve the literacy challenges? What are the researchers interested in right now? What kind of solutions have been developed in Finland? 

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  • Trends and wishes regarding literacy from the schools of Helsinki: Antti Aaltonen, Pedagogical Expert for Literacy, Education Division, City of Helsinki 
  • Some aspects to reading research: Juli-Anna Aerila, PhD, MA, Adjunct Professor, (literature education and reading) Senior Lecturer of the Didactics of Mother Tongue and Literature University of Turku 
  • Company perspectives:
  • Lukulumo – Miika Sjöman, Country Manager (ILT Education) 
  • Näppistaituri/Typing Master – Anssi Väliaho, Director of Sales
  • Graphogame – Jesper Ryynänen, COO & Co-founder