EdTech from HEL: Learning Languages in a Digital World

Who is this for: Teachers in all levels, EdTech enthusiasts, other interested people

Where: Online webinar in English

What: Come and learn what´s going on in the EdTech field in Helsinki! In this online webinar we will focus on different perspectives of language learning.

What are the current trends and dreams related to language learning in the education division at the City of Helsinki? Where is the language technology research focusing on now at the University of Helsinki? Can a robot teach you languages? What needs to be taken into account when learning languages online? Come and explore with the experts in the field!


  • Trends and dreams in language learning / Ruth Palola, pedagogical expert, City of Helsinki, Education Division
  • EdTech from HEL – presenting solutions for language learning
  • Language learning toward beyond the beginner level: AI, language technology, and educational data science / Roman Yangarber, Associate Professor, Department of Digital Humanities, University of Helsinki

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