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Helsinki Education Hub is the first in the world to combine learning and education startups, Finnish pedagogic competence, innovative learning and academic research.

Batch 3 of the EdTech Incubator Helsinki posing for a group picture
Batch 3 of the EdTech Incubator Helsinki posing for a group picture

EdTech Incubator Helsinki – a unique opportunity to elevate your innovation

The first ever EdTech focused Incubator invites the best innovations to apply for the program and grow their idea into a valuable business, together with the leading professionals in educational innovations, investors and influencers.

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Advancement of EdTech Entrepreneurship

One of our main goals is to promote EdTech entrepreneurship and new businesses. We offer a goal-oriented dealflow path from idea to innovation. This includes incubator and pre-accelerator services, and connections to funding opportunities and other important stakeholders for EdTech startups.

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Our community consists of all those who are willing to further develop the EdTech field. They are innovators, startups, investors, incubators, accelerators, learners, teachers, pedagogical experts, researchers, corporations, and public organizations. At Helsinki Education Hub, you can participate in events or come to our facilities to work and meet other members of the network.

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We provide great opportunities for co-creating solutions with the best teachers and learners in the world for EdTech companies. Our testbed activities provide opportunities for testing in various phases of product development and for localizing EdTech solutions in the Finnish and international markets. We also collaborate with leading universities for increasing research related to educational and learning technologies and innovations.

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Presenting the Incubator Teams, Batch 4: Retale 🐲

Last but not least, we have Ana and her co-founder Anita (currently in Brazil) representing their company Retale 🙌 They are on a journey to transform classic stories into interactive books to be used as a tool to engage children to read. 📖💻

“During the Incubator program, we are looking forward to developing our business skills, as well as to grow our knowledge through the contact with multicultural entrepreneurs, their experiences, and products. “ 

Design for kids is the superpower of the Retale team, inclusion the bat-mobile, and candy keeps them alive! 🍭

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The application to the EdTech Incubator Helsinki is set to open in two weeks! 🚀

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs – it's almost time to apply for our Incubator program 💡 With expert guidance, resources, and co-creation opportunities, this is your chance to take your startup to new heights 🤩

Mark your calendars for the application period starting on April 3rd 📆 Read all you need to know about the program through the link in our bio!

#edtech #entrepreneurs #startup #incubator #innovation #education #business #helsinki
Presenting the Incubator Teams, Batch 4: LukuLab 📖

LukuLab proposes an affordable, extremely easy-to-use online program, where grown-ups without special training can teach struggling learners to read 🔠 The program is designed both for children with a language-based learning disability, including dyslexia, and for children who have no diagnosis, but for whom reading is difficult 💡

“We are looking forward to learning from mentors and experts, and to sharing our ideas and experience with our peers” 

Anna and Artem describe knowledge and empathy as their superpowers 🙌😊 Their aim is to create learning tools promoting equity in education 🚀 Check out their website at: 

#edtech #startup #education #learning #reading #innovation #business #helsinki
Presenting the Incubator Teams, Batch 4: LiveTalk 🌍💭

What videos can I watch to improve my English?👩‍🎓 This is the frequently asked question that got Tiago and Jurate to kickstart LiveTalk: a language-learning app that provides users with categorizable and customized content according to your learning or teaching needs. With the addition of a few AI and gamification elements! 🎮

“We look forward to many things in the Incubator program, but most importantly, after being nurtured, improved, and judged by experts and participants, we need to know if my idea can become a game-changing tool for language learning.” 

The team superpower is an unusual ability to communicate and a comfortability in pitch settings and public speaking, supported by a talent for selling 😎💲

#edtech #startup #innovation #languagelearning #ai #education #business #helsinki
Presenting the Incubator Teams, Batch 4: ROBX 🤖

ROBX is developing a web application for children, students, schools and universities to learn #robotics and educate personnel 👩‍🎓 The solution developed by founder Dmitrii Spivak enables users to connect to robots or industrial #hardware remotely and upload #code 💻

“Our goal for the Incubator program is to refine our product according to the customer needs, build a team according to the required skillset, cooperate with local schools and do test runs there, and apply for funding” 

The ROBX team superpower is a thick skin to overcome obstacles by #persistence but also an open mind to adapt to the reality of the market – very valuable skills for a startup! 🙌

#edtech #startup #incubator #education #learning #innovation #business #helsinki
Exciting news for EdTech innovators: You have the opportunity to join the EdTech Incubator Helsinki Batch 5! 🔥🌍

🚨 Our highly anticipated 20-week EdTech Incubator program is back, and the next application period opens in April 2023.

💡 In the program, you will collaborate with experienced business and education professionals, grow your idea into a valuable, scalable and international business concept. Don't miss out on this unique chance to elevate your EdTech startup and network with leading professionals in the field.

Stay tuned for more information and get ready to take your EdTech innovation to the next level! You can read more about the Incubator program here:

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Presenting the Incubator Teams, Batch 4: Mannabrains 🎉

Meet Mannabrains and their founder Comfort Yeboah 👋 Mannabrains wants to create and provide a handy offline, online, and web app educational platform with a local live feedback support system 💻

They strive to provide quality, affordable, accessible, and sustainable education as they are important aspects of understanding concepts, increasing pass rate and ensuring continuous learning in the West African Sub region 🌍

“We hope to acquire more skills in the Incubator program but most of all, to have our product in hand ready to be validated. ” 

The Mannabrains team also includes James, Linda, Mark and Bernard, and together their superpowers consist of strong professional teacher experience and a drive to make a change and succeed 🚀

#edtech #startup #education #learning #change #innovation #business #helsinki
Presenting the Incubator Teams, Batch 4: Oppivat Education 🚀

Annika Karjalainen and Pia Koivisto are both special education #teachers 👩‍🏫 Together, they form the Oppivat Education team and have set out to offer learners additional support through artificial intelligence, outside of the school. The solution identifies learning difficulties at an early stage and systematically rehabilitates them along the students’ path ✅

“We expect the Incubator program to clarify our innovation and move it forward, and we look forward to networking with important people and of course learning new and useful information!” 

The Oppivat team superpower is quite simply the amassed knowledge of special #education and #learning, but besides this, the co-founding duo are ambitious #entrepreneurs who believe in themselves as well! 😎

Check out their website here:

#edtech #incubator #startup #innovation #business #helsinki #team

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